Allergy Profile – Lydia

Name : Lydia (from Tyro Fashionista) Allergies : Wool, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Tree Pollen, Grass Pollen and a chemical(s) that we are still trying to figure out. Intolerances : Lactose How long have you had your allergies? Since I was a baby Where do you live?  Cumbria, England When did you first discover that you had allergies? I was very sickly as a baby and also suffered from very … [Read more...]

Sun Lotion Product Review – Piz Buin, Allergy Lotion SPF15 – Medium

The following sun lotion product review is for Piz Buin® Allergy Lotion SPF15 - Medium.  For this Product Review we tested this Sun Lotion every day for one week. One of my daughter's has extremely pale skin, she is sun sensitive and burns very easily.  Her skin also unfortunately appears to be sensitive to sun lotions and she usually ends up covered in a rashes from the sun and the lotions.  We … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Alert – Soya – Morrisons 6 Carrot Cake Slices

The Food Standards Agency issued the following food allergy alert on Tuesday 19th April 2011: Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC recalls one date code of Morrisons 6 Carrot Cake Slices due to a packaging error resulting in incorrect labelling information Allergen: Soya Ref: P/2011 Product: Morrisons 6 Carrot Cake Slices Risk: Due to a packaging error, some packets of one date … [Read more...]

Birch Pollen Allergy

Tree Pollen Allergy - One of my daughter's allergies is to tree pollen. We don't know which tree's in particular and whilst researching pollen info online I came across this really interesting post by Gabriel Hemery.  Gabriel has very kindly given me permission to re-post it. Trees provide us with many miracle cures, most famously aspirin from the willow and the cancer-busting drug taxol from … [Read more...]

National Allergy Week: 11th – 17th April 2011

The Missing Link Hay fever sufferers are being unnecessarily put at risk of developing asthma warn Allergy UK in their latest report 'The Missing Link' released to coincide with National Allergy Week. The report highlights the fact that the United Kingdom is among the world leaders for research into allergy yet new treatments that are available are not being made available to allergy … [Read more...]

Jo Swinson MP has uncovered figures revealing the poor provision of Allergy services in the UK

In answers to parliamentary questions tabled by Jo Swinson ahead of this year's World Allergy Week (4-11th April 2011), Health Minister Paul Burstow revealed that just 12 specialist consultants in allergy across the NHS dealt with 97,000 outpatient visits last year. In addition, only 10 allergy specialist doctors were in training in 2010. There are currently 20 million people in the UK who … [Read more...]

Allergic to Horses

Another allergy - Allergic to Horses! We took the girls horse riding for a treat at the end of the Summer Holidays a couple of years ago.  They were so excited to be going and had been looking forward to it for ages. As a precaution my eldest daughter (who has the most allergies) took her maximum daily allowance of anti-histamine (Loratadine) before we went. The riding lesson was for an … [Read more...]

How Many Allergies?

Our allergies include the following: Penicillin Cats Dogs Horses Wool Tree Pollen Grass Pollen Plasters and Adhesive Lactose Intolerance Having Ears Pierced! Still trying to pinpoint chemical allergy (problems after coming into contact with new sofa bed) Apple Cider Vinegar Gloss Paint Fumes Have grown out of the following: Egg Allergy (severe) Citric Acid … [Read more...]