Recipe Websites

Having a Food Allergy shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a wide variety of tasty meals just like anyone who doesn’t suffer from allergies.  With a bit of imagination and juggling of  ingredients you can produce some mouth watering dishes.

The following websites have fully embraced the concept of Allergy Friendly Cooking and have created some truly inspiring recipes.  You don’t have to have allergies to enjoy these recipes – no discrimination here!

Hopefully the recipes you will find on the following links will give you the inspiration to roll up your sleeves, get out the utensils and start cooking up a storm.

A Girl’s Guide to Gluten-Free Baking
Website :
A Girls Guide to Gluten-Free Baking is a recipe blog written by Kate who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2005. Her blog also chronicles some of her experiences of living with Coeliac’s and eating gluten-free.

Cooking Without Ingredients
Website :
Lou describes herself as a “Red haired, horror lover, pudding lover, inventor of recipes for people with food allergies and intolerances and tennant in a cottage full of bees”.  She creates recipes which are free from Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Eggs, Nuts, Cocoa.

Lou very kindly allowed me to reproduce some of her recipes which can be seen in our recipe section.  She also agreed to be interviewed and  features in our “People with Allergies” section where her Allergy Profile can be seen.

I Bake Without
Website :
Bev is a British lady living in Belgium.  She started this website because her son has multiple food allergies and she wanted him to be able to enjoy delicious treats and party food.  Bev loves baking and creates recipes which are free from Nuts, Eggs, Dairy and Soya.