(Almost) Allergy Free Holiday to Portugal

Girls outside CandyLand in Albufeira Portugal

When travelling to somewhere new, I now find it quite stressful and worry if we are going to be faced with an allergic incident such as  the infamous wool carpet one.  I always try and carry out my own risk assessment as best I can and plan for any eventuality before setting off.  So, armed with our Allergy Medication, Sun Lotions and potions, we embarked on a week long holiday to Portugal to help my mum celebrate her 60th Birthday.  As far as allergic incidents and allergies go it was pretty much as good as it gets for us.

Translation Cards

I was planning on ordering Allergy Translation Cards to take with me.  Most of the cards I have seen give details of food allergies, but as my daughter’s allergies are now more environmental I needed to have them specially translated. I did contact Yellowcross and Jane got back to me and kindly said that this would be possible, but unfortunately due to time constraints, I didn’t allow myself long enough to organise this.   My husband was then tasked with translating my daughter’s allergy information into Portuguese, which he did with the aid of Google Translate.  Then,  just to be sure,  he also double-checked it with Babelfish. Once complete we printed out several copies and then distributed them amongst all members of our family, so that if she took ill ,then, whoever was with her would have the necessary allergy details to hand.  The owner of the villa was fluent in both English and Portuguese and when I ran the printout by her she fully understood it.

Allergies or a Cold?

Every morning upon waking, our daughter (the most allergic one) needed to use her inhaler, she was very chesty  and mucousy.  At this point we removed all rugs from any rooms she was going into just in case they contained any wool.

She started sneezing on the second day after arrival and felt unwell for a couple of days, we think that she had a cold but we aren’t 100% sure as it is very difficult to sometimes distinguish between allergies and a cold.

Allergy Friendly Sun Lotion

Our second daughter who we refer to as “Our English Rose” because of her fair skin, burns very easily and doesn’t seem to tan.  She turns pink and then goes white again.  We always bring a high factor sun tan lotion for her as she burns so easily, but as she also has sensitive skin she ends up covered in rashes due to the sun lotion.  This year I noticed that Piz Buin had launched an “Allergy” Sun Lotion, so we took some of this with us, we were very happy with this and have written a product review for it.

Allergy Friendly Shopping

We managed to locate a supermarket chain called Continente in the Algarve Shopping centre, it  had a really good choice of allergy friendly foods.   The girls were particularly impressed with the wide variety of flavoured lactose free milk on offer, some of which we haven’t come across in the UK.  The Cappucino Alpro Soya Milkshake went down especially well and I have contacted Alpro Soya to see if they have any plans to introduce any of the additional product range in the UK. The girls also loved the gluten free and lactose free “Hello Kitty” biscuits which looked really cute and tasted fab too (see review in our Tried & Tested Section for photos and full product details).

Girls and Mum on her 60th

Happy Birthday Mum

All in all the holiday was a great success, my mum had a fantastic birthday and we loved being there to help her celebrate it.

Mum with 60th Cards on hols in Portugal

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