Allergy Friendly Hotel – Finding one isn’t easy!

Allergy Friendly Hotel Room

Finding an Allergy Friendly Hotel isn’t easy!  When you suffer from allergies something as simple as choosing which hotel to stay in isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

Normal criteria for selecting a hotel is:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Facilities
  • Availability

Our Criteria

  • No Wool (carpets or blankets in room)
  • No Pets
  • Price
  • Location
  • Availability

The Problem

My daughter is severely allergic to wool and pets (most animals it would seem), her reactions result in anaphylaxis.  One five minute visit to a friend’s house who had, unknown to her and us, wool carpets, resulted in my daughter being in bed ill for a week.  Within minutes of entering a room she feels her throat closing up, this is then followed by her chest tightening and she then feels like she can’t breathe.  The next symptoms are continual vomiting, she is hot and clammy but unable to differentiate between feeling hot and cold as she feels so ill, she is overcome with dizziness and feels so weak she is unable to stand – this is due to a drop in her blood pressure.

She has also recently reacted to a new sofa bed mattress and an inflatable air bed, so we are still trying to figure out  the cause of these reactions.  Fresh gloss paintwork also affects her.

This is before you even start to consider what food is available.  As I said, “It’s not easy!”

I checked on;  a really good website set-up by a lady whose husband suffers from allergies.  The website is a great idea and it is very easy to use.  Unfortunately as we were looking to stay in central London none of the hotels on there fitted into our price criteria.  Cost is a really big factor for us, as we have to book 2 hotel rooms when we go anywhere, as nowhere in the UK seems to cater for a family with more than 2 children.

Is it more trouble than it’s worth?

Sometimes you just wonder if you should even bother to go anywhere, as everything seems so much hassle.  We are at the point that we have to do a risk assessment before we go anywhere, as the consequences of us not doing so don’t bear thinking about.

We found a Novotel hotel in a reasonable location, so I phoned them up to ask if they had pet free rooms and wool carpets.  The man I spoke to, unfortunately didn’t seem to grasp what I was asking him at first, as his reply to me was, “Well we do accept pets but if you don’t want to have one in your room just don’t bring one with you!”  I then went onto spell it out to him, that if my daughter stays in a room where an animal has been or there are wool carpets you may need to call an ambulance.  At this point I was put on hold, and when he came back on the line he told me that they have rooms where no animals have stayed and also their carpets aren’t wool.  Hallelujah, we have found somewhere to stay.  I just hope to God that they aren’t just fobbing me off because my daughter will be able to tell within minutes of entering the room if there have been pets in there and if the carpets are wool – then the nightmare will begin!

If anyone knows of any Allergy Friendly Hotels and places to stay then please get in touch and I will update my links to reflect this.

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