The start of my allergy journey – Where it all began

My journey into a life with allergies started in October 1999 with the arrival of my first child.  My daughter arrived into the world by emergency c-section, twelve days overdue and weighing a healthy 9lbs and 3oz.

Pregnancy did not agree with me, I spent the whole pregnancy from 6 weeks onwards feeling sick and vomiting.  I ate as healthily as I possibly could, even forcing myself to eat things that I didn’t like but I knew were good for the baby.  I never drank alcohol, smoked or did anything that you weren’t supposed to do whilst pregnant.  I was determined to do the best for my baby and that included breast feeding.

Baby with Allergies on her christening day

From day one, my daughter vomited almost constantly and never managed to keep a feed down. She had reflux and was also very ‘colicky’ (which we now know was her lactose intolerance).  Looking back through her baby photos you can’t  find a single one of her where she isn’t wearing a bib (even on her Christening day at 9 months old –  I remember having palpitations thinking about her throwing up all over the vicar as well as covering half the congregation as he lifted her up to show her off!).

On the odd occasion that I gave her a complimentary feed of formula milk (cows) I noticed afterwards that she developed fluid filled blisters on her privates where the wee or poo had touched her skin and had burned her, the poor mite was red raw.  At this time I also noticed that she had mucus in her poo.    I had no knowledge of allergies or food intolerance; as a first time mum I had read lots of baby books in preparation for her arrival but nothing I had read had prepared me for this.

By 10 days old she was taking colic remedies recommended by the health visitor and we had been fortunate enough to come across a fantastic local homeopath who prescribed colocynthis which did help ease the colicky situation.  We were very lucky to have found Frank the homeopath, who still to this day proves to be an invaluable source of help with my daughters ongoing health situations (thank you Frank!).

Several visits to the GP and health visitors later and no-one really seemed to share my concerns, she was gaining weight (all be it slowly) but as she was the size of a small toddler at birth none of the health professionals seemed unduly concerned.  They probably had me marked as an over anxious mother (which actually I am but as it has turned out not without good cause!).

We were told that maybe she had Gastroesophageal reflux so she was also taking medication for this.

Something is not right

It was just another normal day which consisted of my daughter’s constant puking and an endless and relentless round of cleaning her up and changing her clothes.  She lay on her changing mat and as I found myself carrying out the task of cleaning her and changing her for the umpteenth time that day I thought that I perhaps knew how King Canute felt whilst trying to hold back the waves; as fast as I could change her she was vomiting all over herself.  I knew that babies were sick but this was ridiculous, something was clearly not right.  At my wits end (and no doubt sobbing unintelligibly down the phone) I phoned my G.P. and pleaded that somebody help her.  My G.P. agreed to see her and so off we went for yet another doctors appointment.

Soya Milk

The outcome of this visit to the G.P. was that my daughter was prescribed Soya Milk.

Hoorah! Finally we were getting somewhere.    Little did I know that once we started weaning we were about to enter a whole new ball game.

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