Allergies Suck! How having an allergy can impact your life

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When you suffer from allergies or live with someone who does, you soon come to realise that they can impact almost every aspect of  how you lead your day-to-day life.  Managing your allergies becomes a very important part of your life.

The following list is what immediately comes to mind when thinking of how allergies can impact your life:

Lack of spontaneity

You can’t just do things on impulse without first checking that your allergies aren’t going to be triggered:

  • Are there any Pets?
  • Will there be any allergens that are going to affect you?  Such as Wool Carpets, Fresh Paint, Pollen – these are some of ours!
  • Are you going to be able to eat safely?
  • Double check that you have all allergy medication with you.

Frequently ill or feeling generally unwell

The after effects of an allergic reaction can leave you feeling really ill for days.  If you have many allergies or are not aware that you are allergic to something you can be suffering reactions on a regular basis.  Milder allergies or seasonal allergies such as Hay Fever can affect sufferers so that they feel generally unwell due to their symptoms.

Carrying medication with you at all times

You need to ensure that you have this with you at all times.  This varies from person to person and usually consists of  Anti-Histamines, Steroids, Inhalers and Epi-Pens.

Constantly checking labels

You can’t afford to be complacent when you have allergies.  You should always read the labels on food packaging or beauty and/or cleaning products and check the ingredients.  Even if it is something that you regularly eat or use, one of the ingredients may have changed since the last time you purchased it.


Travelling with allergies isn’t a breeze.  When you have allergies and food intolerances it isn’t just a case of checking out what excursions and local tourist attractions are available at your destination.  You have more pressing issues that need to be addressed, such as where you can buy food or drink from that is suitable and safe for your particular allergy.  Are there supermarkets or other shops nearby that sell lactose free milk, dairy free or gluten free foods?  Are there restaurants, cafes and bakeries that cater for people with allergies and fully understand the implications of preparing food for people with food allergies?

Eating Out

Do you know of  places to eat that have a good understanding of preparing food for people with allergies?  Do they fully understand what preparing food for people with allergies entails?  Will you able to eat safely?

Visiting Friends

Do they have pets or other things in their house you are allergic to?

Restrictive Diet

Limited choice of ingredients.


Having allergies isn’t cheap!

  • Most allergy friendly foods cost more than their non-allergy equivalent
  • Medication costs
  • Loss of income due to sick leave from work

Having to constantly explain your allergies to people

People don’t understand allergies and can be very dismissive even to the point of thinking that it’s a “lifestyle choice” – no-one who has allergies would do so through choice!

Having to constantly re-iterate that you can’t eat certain things as they contain an ingredient you are allergic to.

Constant Worrying

Constantly worrying about your child… “I’m a parent – That’s my job!”

How have allergies impacted your life?

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