Interview with Mark Rawden – CEO of MedicAlert

Interview with Mark Rawden - CEO of MedicAlert

Many people will have noticed someone wearing MedicAlert jewellery, but they probably don’t realise the vital service this jewellery offers to those with a hidden medical condition or allergy.  Emergency personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to recognise MedicAlert emblems so that they can get you the right treatment at the right time.  Anyone with serious allergies will be only too aware that every moment matters.

We were very pleased to get the opportunity to interview MedicAlert’s CEO Mark Rawden.

We put the following questions to Mark:

Could you please tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved with MedicAlert?
I joined MedicAlert as CEO in January 2011. Before MedicAlert I worked for one of the UK’s largest animal welfare charities as Operations Director and have previously worked in commercial and non-profit sectors. I decided to come to MedicAlert as I completely believe in the work and benefit the charity brings to the members we help.

What does your role as the CEO of MedicAlert entail?Mark Rawden - CEO of MedicAlert
As CEO I manage the future of MedicAlert within the UK and Ireland, we have members in over 80 countries worldwide as well as a group of affiliates all over the globe that we meet with regularly to ensure we provide consistent protection for all our members and create global awareness of medical identification.

How does the MedicAlert service work?
There are two elements to the MedicAlert package, a medical identification item of jewellery and a membership service. They work together to provide 24/7 protection the member regardless of the members condition or allergy.

The jewellery is individually engraved with the members most important medical details, this provides instant identification of the treatment the person should require e.g. avoiding certain treatments due to allergies, or knowing what condition the person has reduces the diagnosis time therefore improves the care the member receives in an emergency situation.

The MedicAlert disc has a membership number and emergency telephone number engraved alongside the medical conditions, this number can be called 24/7, from anywhere in the world to access more information about the member. This could be their full medical details that weren’t able to be engraved due to size limitations, their specialist details, next of kin details or Advance Decision files held.

How do MedicAlert products & services benefit allergy sufferers?
One of MedicAlerts largest proportion of members is people who have an allergy.   This could be a mild reaction up to an anaphylactic reaction spanning across all sorts of allergies, from hayfever and pet hair to food, medication and metals.  We provide support, peace of mind and a completely obvious indication of the allergy by stating it on the jewellery.  Many of our members have multiple allergies that they can’t find ‘off the shelf’ products for, therefore having the option of the bespoke engraving provides both the member and their family reassurance that they can get on with everyday life.

MedicAlert provides the protection someone needs when they can’t speak for themselves in an emergency. Emergency professionals are trained to look for the jewellery which sits on the pulse points and is glaringly obvious in an emergency situation.

How many different products does MedicAlert have and how much do they cost?
MedicAlert has over 100 different styles of jewellery, with charms starting from £17.50. We make the jewellery in stainless steel, silver, gold plate and gold and have beads, cord and leather styles.

We strive to have something for everyone as the jewellery will only work if the member is wearing it, therefore it must fit into their lifestyle.

Are MedicAlert’s range of products suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender?
Our range can be worn by anyone of any age although we recommend certain products for under ten’s due to small parts and school rules.
If you wanted to talk this through our Medical Services team they would be happy to help you make your choice.

Where are MedicAlert products available from?
You can only buy MedicAlert jewellery from us as we need to engrave it and talk through your medical details. We employ medically trained staff to make sure your details are medically correct for an emergency situation. You can buy online, on the phone 0800 581 420 or you may find some of leaflets in your local GP surgery.

How many countries does MedicAlert operate in? Are there plans to expand into more countries?
We have plans to expand the service globablly, so that even more people can be protected.

What does the future hold for MedicAlert? Where do you see yourself
in five years time?

MedicAlert has been in the UK for 50 years and is the most well-known medical identification brand worldwide. Our aim is to ensure that medical identification is recognised by all emergency professionals and is instantly acted on. By gaining support and recognition from important medical figures and country leaders we know this can happen.

In five years time we hope to be protecting many more people!

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