Allergy Profile – Lydia

Lydia Allergy Profile PictureName : Lydia (from Tyro Fashionista)

Allergies : Wool, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Tree Pollen, Grass Pollen and a chemical(s) that we are still trying to figure out.

Intolerances : Lactose

How long have you had your allergies? Since I was a baby

Where do you live?  Cumbria, England

When did you first discover that you had allergies?

I was very sickly as a baby and also suffered from very severe skin irritations when I drank formula milk.  My parents noticed that I had blood and mucus in my nappies which we now know was due to my lactose intolerance.

When my mum started to wean me and introduced dairy products I came up in rashes and hives.  They tried me on goats and sheep’s milk cheese and I also developed hives within minutes of eating this too, so they then realised that it wasn’t just dairy.  I ate a bread roll once and was covered in hives from head to foot, we think that this must’ve had an egg wash on the roll.    I had blood tests carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital which confirmed that I had a severe egg allergy (which I have thankfully now grown out of).  As a baby I was also intolerant to citric acid, wheat, lactose and was on a very restricted diet.

As I got older I developed the pet allergies,  I kept getting ill and we now know this to be when I had been in contact with pets or wool, every time I went to a friend’s house I would be ill afterwards.  One time my mum picked me up and had to take me straight to hospital as I was struggling to breathe.

Do you have a family history of allergies?

My Uncle is allergic to nuts.  My mum thinks she could be allergic to garlic. One of my sister’s is allergic to penicillin and lactose intolerant, my other sister is allergic to plasters (adhesive).

Were you born by c-section?  Yes

Are you the eldest child?  Yes

Were you breastfed?  Yes, and I constantly vomited due to the lactose in breast milk

What medication do you take & how do you control your allergies?

I take Loratadine every morning (10ml) and if I am going somewhere that has wool carpets or animals, I take 5ml of Allerief (Chlorphenamine Maleate). I also carry an Inhaler at all times to be used when necessary

Your worst allergic reaction?

I can’t really decide because I have had a few. My most recent was when I went to the O2 Apollo in Manchester to see The Saturdays. I had a reaction to the wool carpets and I was ill for days

Are you happy with the medical support you have received?

Yes, I have been very fortunate that because my parents have been so determined and persistent on my behalf, that I have been seen by an excellent Paediatric Allergy / Immunology consultant.  The NHS do have some fantastic specialist allergy doctors but it is a real struggle to find the information that you need to access them.  This is why my mum started, so that it could help other people in a similar situations to ours.

Do you feel that you have your allergies under control?  Yes

How have allergies impacted on your life?

They have made a HUGE impact on my life because I can’t visit most of my friends houses. Before I knew as much about allergies as I do now, I was constantly getting ill and this affected my attendance record at school

What improvements in allergy support, availability of allergy friendly products & services would you like to see?

I wish more people were aware of the seriousness of allergies and that there were more Allergy Specialists available.  Also, I wish that allergy friendly products weren’t so expensive compared to normal products

What would be your best advice to other allergy & food intolerance sufferers?

It might seem difficult sometimes, but help is always at hand. Try and get medical help and if you are lucky, eventually you might grow out of your allergies/food intolerance

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I think this website is an amazing idea!

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