Types of Cold Urticaria

Imagine never being able to venture outdoors in freezing temperatures or have a nice ice cold drink  or a cooling dip in the sea on a scorching hot day?   These are just some of the issues that Cold Urticaria suffers have to endure. Most people have never heard of  this unusual allergy let alone know that there are in fact four different types of it. The four types of cold urticaria … [Read more...]

Cold Urticaria

Urticaria is more commonly known as hives or nettle rash and is characterized by itchy bumps and rashes developing on the skin.   Most people with allergies are familiar with hives that are brought on by eating or drinking something that they are allergic to. There is a less well known form of Urticaria which is cold induced and more commonly experienced in winter. What is cold urticaria? Put … [Read more...]

The Day my head swelled like a pumpkin!

Let me set the scene... I was 21 years old and about to leave home for the first time.  My parents were on holiday in Florida and I was due to start my new job in Edinburgh the next day.  I packed up my little Ford Fiesta car with all my worldly belongings and set off on the 160 mile journey.  It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and everything was great. Edinburgh Here I come! I put my … [Read more...]

Allergic to Horses

Another allergy - Allergic to Horses! We took the girls horse riding for a treat at the end of the Summer Holidays a couple of years ago.  They were so excited to be going and had been looking forward to it for ages. As a precaution my eldest daughter (who has the most allergies) took her maximum daily allowance of anti-histamine (Loratadine) before we went. The riding lesson was for an … [Read more...]

Severe Allergic Reaction (Anaphylaxis) after The Saturdays concert

I had an Allergic Reaction to wool carpets recently.  Here's what happened.... Thursday 11th February 2011 - The Saturdays concert. We were stood by the bus stop waiting to travel to The Saturdays concert when mum asks 'Have you got your medicine?' instantly I reply, 'No you have it' mum then tells me that she doesn't have it so I assure her that I will be fine and wouldn't need it. Well, that's … [Read more...]

Allergic Reaction to Wool Carpets!

Last Thursday; the day that my two eldest daughters and their friends had been looking forward to since Christmas finally arrived.  They had all been excitedly counting down the days since receiving tickets for Christmas to see their favourite Girl Band "The Saturdays" in concert in Manchester. We picked the girls up from school, took them home for a quick change of clothing and then set off to … [Read more...]

Allergic Reaction – my first memory of a severe allergic reaction to food.

I am eleven years old and it is very hard for me to live with allergies, for one main reason – all of my friends have animals like cats and dogs, both of which I am allergic to. Whenever I want to see my friends outside of school they have to come and visit me at my house or I have to take medicine before I can visit them. I am still at risk of getting ill even when I have had this medicine and … [Read more...]