Interview with Mark Rawden – CEO of MedicAlert

Interview with Mark Rawden - CEO of MedicAlert

Many people will have noticed someone wearing MedicAlert jewellery, but they probably don't realise the vital service this jewellery offers to those with a hidden medical condition or allergy.  Emergency personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to recognise MedicAlert emblems so that they can get you the right treatment at the right time.  Anyone with serious allergies will be only too … [Read more...]

Allergy & Free From Show returns to NW

The Allergy & Free From Show returns to the North West this October… and as official show partners, Allergy Zone, are giving you the chance to attend for FREE! Here's a few words from The Allergy & Free From Show June’s London show was the biggest, busiest and best to date - visitors are still raving about it - and it has everyone excited about the show’s return to the North West in … [Read more...]



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Coeliac Disease – What is it?

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac Disease Coeliac Disease [pronounced see-liac] (and spelled as celiac in North America) is a serious autoimmune disease that affects one percent of the UK's population. Coeliac Disease isn't a food allergy or a simple food intolerance and is completely different from Wheat Allergy. If gluten is consumed (even the tiniest amount) by someone with coeliac disease, the immune system will … [Read more...]

Can Local Honey Cure Allergies?

Does Local Honey cure Allergies? ay fever

Honey has a long, documented history of medicinal use and is considered to have miraculous healing properties.   There are many benefits attributed to honey, such as: immune boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Honey also acts as a powerful antioxidant and is thought to contain carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties. Historically, honey has been used topically to treat … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Surviving Pollen Allergies

Girl Wearing Pollen Mask

Winter is over and the sun is finally shining; the trees and flowers are in full bloom.  Sounds idyllic, but for hay fever and seasonal pollen allergy sufferers, this just marks the beginning of their misery and discomfort.  The last couple of years have been particularly arduous for hay fever sufferers. This year we've had a long and drawn out winter, and spring certainly hasn't sprung early. … [Read more...]

Do Allergy Free Dogs Exist?

Girl Hugging Labrador

As an animal lover it can be very upsetting to discover you are allergic to dogs. A paper published in the veterinary Record by Dr Jane Murray in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science at Bristol University, states that 39% of households in the UK own at least one dog and over 10.5 million dogs are owned in the UK. Having an allergy to dogs is relatively common and particularly so in … [Read more...]

Allergy Profile – Lydia

Lydia Allergy Profile Picture

Name : Lydia (from Tyro Fashionista) Allergies : Wool, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Tree Pollen, Grass Pollen and a chemical(s) that we are still trying to figure out. Intolerances : Lactose How long have you had your allergies? Since I was a baby Where do you live?  Cumbria, England When did you first discover that you had allergies? I was very sickly as a baby and also suffered from very … [Read more...]

The Day my head swelled like a pumpkin!

Pumpkin Head

Let me set the scene... I was 21 years old and about to leave home for the first time.  My parents were on holiday in Florida and I was due to start my new job in Edinburgh the next day.  I packed up my little Ford Fiesta car with all my worldly belongings and set off on the 160 mile journey.  It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and everything was great. Edinburgh Here I come! I put my … [Read more...]

Product Review – Allergy Friendly “Hello Kitty” Biscuits

Box of Gluten Free & Lactose Free "Hello Kitty" Biscuits

These Allergy Friendly "Hello Kitty" Biscuits are the perfect snacktime treat for kids with allergies.  We bought them whilst on holiday in Portugal and gave them our "Tried & Tested" treatment. Manufactured By: Virginias Ingredients: I have translated these from Spanish using Google Translate. Corn Starch (50%), vegetable shortening, brown sugar cane, rice flour, soy flour, corn … [Read more...]