Types of Cold Urticaria

Imagine never being able to venture outdoors in freezing temperatures or have a nice ice cold drink  or a cooling dip in the sea on a scorching hot day?   These are just some of the issues that Cold Urticaria suffers have to endure. Most people have never heard of  this unusual allergy let alone know that there are in fact four different types of it. The four types of cold urticaria … [Read more...]

Do Allergy Free Dogs Exist?

As an animal lover it can be very upsetting to discover you are allergic to dogs. A paper published in the veterinary Record by Dr Jane Murray in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science at Bristol University, states that 39% of households in the UK own at least one dog and over 10.5 million dogs are owned in the UK. Having an allergy to dogs is relatively common and particularly so in … [Read more...]

Cold Urticaria

Urticaria is more commonly known as hives or nettle rash and is characterized by itchy bumps and rashes developing on the skin.   Most people with allergies are familiar with hives that are brought on by eating or drinking something that they are allergic to. There is a less well known form of Urticaria which is cold induced and more commonly experienced in winter. What is cold urticaria? Put … [Read more...]

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS) has been associated with hypersensitivity responses to chemicals.  The syndrome is characterized by multiple subjective symptoms that are related to more than one system. The most common symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are: nasal congestion headaches lack of concentration fatigue memory loss Many mechanisms have been … [Read more...]