Allergy & Free From Show returns to NW

The Allergy & Free From Show returns to the North West this October… and as official show partners, Allergy Zone, are giving you the chance to attend for FREE! Here's a few words from The Allergy & Free From Show June’s London show was the biggest, busiest and best to date - visitors are still raving about it - and it has everyone excited about the show’s return to the North … [Read more...]

Coeliac Awareness Week 2013

Coeliac Awareness Week 2013

One percent of the UK's population suffer from coeliac disease. Coeliac UK estimate that there are over half a million people in the UK who are completely unaware that they are living with coeliac disease; that's 1 in 8 sufferers going undiagnosed.  Are you one of them? The average time for diagnosis is 13 years, mainly due to the fact that coeliac disease isn't as widely recognised as it … [Read more...]

Allergy Awareness Week 2013

Allergy Awareness Week 2013

With 50% of children suffering from allergies in the UK, we have the highest prevalence in Europe and rank among the highest in the world.   Allergic disease  has increased globally with 30-40% of the world's population now affected by one or more allergic conditions. These statistics highlight the need for better support for allergies at all levels from Primary Care through to Specialist … [Read more...]

2013 Official Show Partners

Free Tickets To London Allergy Show 2013

  We are really happy to be official Show Partners with The Allergy & Free From Show for both London and Liverpool shows in 2013.  As a family struggling with allergies and intolerances we really appreciate what this show has to offer. Highly Recommended We visited both shows in 2012 and were blown away by the fantastic choice of products and services available.  If you only put one … [Read more...]

Allergy Information to be provided in Restaurants & Takeaways

Photo Collage of Takeaway (Take out) Food

I was really pleased to read this announcement on MEP Arlene McCarthy's website: On Wednesday 6th July Euro MPs voted through a legal requirement for allergy information to be provided about all foods on sale in restaurants, canteens and takeaways. Labelling already exists for pre-packed foods on supermarket shelves but allergy sufferers are at risk when eating out or getting food to take … [Read more...]

Log your Wasp sightings and raise money for Anaphylaxis Campaign

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One of the nuisances that Summer brings with it are the insects, and in particular wasps and bees.  Being stung by one isn't a pleasant experience for anyone, but  for someone who is allergic to them this can be a potentially life threatening experience.  For someone at risk of a severe allergic reaction this is a very frightening prospect indeed. However, if the allergy sufferer is carrying … [Read more...]

Time for NHS to improve airborne allergy services

On 8th June 2011, Jo Swinson, chair of the All-Party Group for Allergy and  Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire, welcomed patients  and Consultant Allergist Dr Glenis Scadding to Parliament  to discuss the impact of airborne allergies on people's quality of life. Joined by representatives from the National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG), Jo heard from those affected by airborne allergies such … [Read more...]

National Allergy Week: 11th – 17th April 2011

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The Missing Link Hay fever sufferers are being unnecessarily put at risk of developing asthma warn Allergy UK in their latest report 'The Missing Link' released to coincide with National Allergy Week. The report highlights the fact that the United Kingdom is among the world leaders for research into allergy yet new treatments that are available are not being made available to allergy … [Read more...]

Jo Swinson MP has uncovered figures revealing the poor provision of Allergy services in the UK

In answers to parliamentary questions tabled by Jo Swinson ahead of this year's World Allergy Week (4-11th April 2011), Health Minister Paul Burstow revealed that just 12 specialist consultants in allergy across the NHS dealt with 97,000 outpatient visits last year. In addition, only 10 allergy specialist doctors were in training in 2010. There are currently 20 million people in the UK who … [Read more...]

Hay Fever Season upon us – NHS Direct has developed online symptom checker

31 Mar 2011 With the hay fever season just starting, NHS Direct has developed a new online tool to help people tackle the symptoms that can make the spring and summer months miserable for sufferers. The hay fever and minor allergies health and symptom checker is available at It works by asking the user a series of questions about themselves and the symptoms … [Read more...]