Allergy Friendly Recipes shared and an interview!

I have just conducted my first interview for the “People with Allergies” section on Allergy Zone.  The interview was with Lou from

I contacted Lou after discovering her website whilst researching Allergy Friendly recipes and she very kindly granted me permission to feature some of her recipes on Allergy Zone, and also agreed to be interviewed and featured on Allergy Zone too.

Allergy Sufferer Lou

Lou founded as a place to share the recipes she’s lovingly created.  Lou suffers from food allergies and  intolerance which can make eating out very difficult.  Last year she made a web page so that her friends and family had something to refer to when she went to their house for dinner.  It started as a  list of  foods she couldn’t have because of her allergies and intolerances along with a few simple recipe suggestions such as risotto, stew and dumplings, and rice pudding.  It then came to pancake day, something which Lou has always celebrated by holding a pancake gathering with friends.  Lou’s allergies and intolerances meant that she couldn’t have eggs, milk or gluten,  this year she didn’t hold out much hope but not to be deterred she set about experimenting with things that she had in her fridge.  Encouraged by her success she started to experiment further and create more recipes.  Friends began asking if they could pass on details of her web page as they were so impressed by her recipes.  As interest grew Lou spent more time experimenting and creating recipes  and went on to set up the new website which can now be found at  You can even watch video demonstrations of Lou making the food there.

Experimenting with food and creating recipes is a passion for Lou who spends many hours each week doing exactly this.  She has many more recipes which she is tweaking to perfection and once she is 100% happy with them they will go into a recipe book that is currently a work in progress.

I asked Lou what her hopes for her website were?  She told me that she wants as many people as possible to use it and cook and eat what they like because of it.  She wants people with food restrictions to feel less restricted, she also wants everyone in the world with a dairy and soya allergy/intolerance to eat her cheesecake!

If anyone has a recipe that they need help converting  to an allergy friendly recipe or  they want a recipe creating from scratch they can contact Lou via her website and she will see what she can do.

You can read all the facts about Lou’s allergies in the “People with Allergies” section.

Have a look at a selection of Lou’s recipes on our recipe section (including her Chocolate & Orange Cheesecake) and then pop over to her website to find even more tasty recipes.

Thanks for sharing with us Lou, and I wish you great things for your website.

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