Severe Allergic Reaction (Anaphylaxis) after The Saturdays concert

I had an Allergic Reaction to wool carpets recently.  Here’s what happened….

Thursday 11th February 2011 – The Saturdays concert.

We were stood by the bus stop waiting to travel to The Saturdays concert when mum asks ‘Have you got your medicine?’ instantly I reply, ‘No you have it’ mum then tells me that she doesn’t have it so I assure her that I will be fine and wouldn’t need it. Well, that’s what I thought…

The whole bus journey to the concert venue I felt completely fine and I was even more sure that I would be okay without the medicine, I had taken my Loratadine that morning as I did every other day, why would there be a problem?

Fast forward a few hours and the concert was over, I still felt well, for the whole concert I was stood on my chair shouting, apart from almost falling off my chair at least ten times I didn’t have any problems! We stepped outside and began walking to the bus for the journey home when I piped up with ‘Mum, I can’t breathe!’ she told me to take my inhaler on the bus. I did as I was told and then I said to my friend who I was sat next to ‘I feel sick.’ She asked if I wanted her to tell my mum but I told her I would be fine if I got some sleep. I tried to go to sleep, however around ten minutes later I began to feel really hot so I kicked my shoes off hoping that would help, it didn’t and I began to feel worse. I was about to tell my mum that I felt ill but as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, I vomited all over the aisle! Thank goodness my friend was sat by the window and not at the aisle because she would have got covered in sick as well as the floor!

I threw up another two times (into a bag) so then we asked the bus driver to pull in at the next service station so that mum could get me and the bus cleaned up. Unfortunately, the nearest service stations were only portaloos but they would have to do because I couldn’t stay covered in sick for the rest of the journey. I covered the part of the floor that had vomit on it with LOADS of paper towels to cover the smell and so that no one had to look at it any more.  I had to get off the bus when it pulled into another service station to try and get some air to see if that would make me feel a bit better – it didn’t.  We got back onto the bus and I was sick again several times – I eventually lost count of the number of times I was sick.

When I arrived back home I went straight to bed and the next day my mum phoned the O2 Apollo where the concert had been and found out that there were wool carpets in part of the venue.  What a bad ending to what had been a great day!

Read my mum’s account of what happened here.

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