Allergic Reaction – my first memory of a severe allergic reaction to food.

Picture of little girl with hives and red blotches on her face

The 1st allergic reaction I can remember

I am eleven years old and it is very hard for me to live with allergies, for one main reason – all of my friends have animals like cats and dogs, both of which I am allergic to. Whenever I want to see my friends outside of school they have to come and visit me at my house or I have to take medicine before I can visit them. I am still at risk of getting ill even when I have had this medicine and often am despite taking it.

Everyday I take a medicine called Loratadine – an antihistamine.

This is to reduce the chances of me having an allergic reaction to something while I am at school or out and about. When I visit my friends I have to have a medicine called Allerief as well as the Loratadine, the Allerief is stronger than the Loratadine and will reduce the chances even more of me having an allergic reaction and getting ill. A while ago I was prescribed an inhaler,  I carry this with me at all times. I do not use it frequently, only when I am having difficulty breathing.

Thankfully, I have only had a few severe allergic reactions.  The first severe reaction that I remember having was when I was about four years old.  I had eaten a pizza and curly fries childrens ready meal for my dinner.  We had read the ingredients thoroughly before I had eaten it (as we did with everything I ate when I was younger because of my food allergies (allergic to egg). my mum and dad were out of the house and my Nanna was babysitting me and my sister. When my mum and dad returned I got into bed with them and said that I was “Itching all over my body.” I had come up in huge hives, they were coming up and down all over my body and I vaguely remember lying on the sofa with flannels on parts of my body to stop me itching myself, this is because the more I scratched the hives the more itchy they became.  My mum and dad took me to the doctors who didn’t really help at all, they told my mum to just carry on giving me the antihistamine.  I was ill for 1 week, the hives moved all over my body and I even had them on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet – at which point I was unable to walk.

Photo of 4 year old girl with swollen face and eye due to a food allergy

My face is really swollen and my left eye has nearly closed because of the swelling above it

Photo of 4 year old two days after suffering allergic reaction to food.  Still has hives and red blotches on skin

Two days later and you can see that I still have hives and red blotches. This lasted for 1 week!

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