Allergic to Horses

Another allergy – Allergic to Horses!

We took the girls horse riding for a treat at the end of the Summer Holidays a couple of years ago.  They were so excited to be going and had been looking forward to it for ages.

As a precaution my eldest daughter (who has the most allergies) took her maximum daily allowance of anti-histamine (Loratadine) before we went.

Before the Sneezing Started!

The riding lesson was for an hour, it was in a paddock outside and it was a lovely day.  Within 5-10 minutes of being on the horse my daughter started sneezing.  This continued for the whole of the lesson, at one point she had to dismount and go to the toilet to try and wash her face and blow her nose.  I kept asking her if she was ok and she kept assuring me that she was fine.

At the end of the lesson when she came over to me, I could clearly see that she was not fine.  Her eyes were swollen, her face was really blotchy and had hives (urticaria) all over it and she also had hives on her neck  and under her chin where the strap had fastened the hat on.  She also had them on her hands, wrists and arms, basically anywhere that had come into contact with the horse.  Her breathing was not too bad at this point.

It was obvious that she needed some medicine  but as she had already taken her daily allowance of anti-histamine my main concern was what could I give her?  I didn’t dare give her any more of her anti-histamine in case I overdosed her.  By the time we got the girls into the car, her breathing had started to be affected but still not too badly.  We went straight to A&E at our local hospital, to seek advice as to what medication she could take safely to relieve her allergy symptoms.  The Dr prescribed a different type of Anti-histamine (Chlorphenamine Maleate) which was safe to have in conjunction with what she had already taken.

My daughter summed up the day by saying “What a treat that was, it was more like torture!”.

So we now add horses to the list of things she is allergic to.

Looking on the bright side at least we know that there is another type of anti-histamine that she can safely take alongside her regular one in the event that she suffers an allergic reaction or is feeling unwell due to her allergies.

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