Allergy Profile – Debbie From FiverFood

Name : Debbie

Allergies : Peanut/tree nuts

Intolerances :

How long have you had your allergies?

Since birth

Where do you live?


How & when did you first discover that you had allergies?

When I was a toddler and my dad gave me one salty peanut and I was very ill from that.

Do you have a family history of allergies?


Were you born by c-section?


Are you the eldest child?


Were you breastfed?


What medication do you take & how do you control your allergies?

Epipen if needed

Your worst allergic reaction?

I made a homemade smoothie for breakfast consisting of one banana, fresh fruit, soya milk and pumpkin seeds. I was immediately sick after drinking it and think it resulted in the cross contamination of the pumpkin seeds when they are packaged in the factory

Are you happy with the medical support you have received?


Do you feel that you have your allergies under control?


How have allergies impacted on your life?

Not a great deal as it’s made me not eat junk/confectionery foods as I am in control of what I choose to eat – it’s made me a lot healthier too

What improvements in allergy support, availability of allergy friendly products & services would you like to see?

What would be your best advice to other allergy & food intolerance sufferers?

Cook your own food! Do not rely on ready made meals as they have hidden ingredients which you may not be aware of! Stick to what you know!

Anything else you would like to add?

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