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One of the nuisances that Summer brings with it are the insects, and in particular wasps and bees.  Being stung by one isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone, but  for someone who is allergic to them this can be a potentially life threatening experience.  For someone at risk of a severe allergic reaction this is a very frightening prospect indeed.

However, if the allergy sufferer is carrying self-injectible adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) usually referred to by their brand names of EpiPen or AnaPen this reduces the chances of  the sting proving to be fatal.

For most people the venom that wasps and bee’s inject when they sting is what causes the injury, this is usually confined to areas closest to the sting and causes nothing more than a small swelling.  For the few people (less than 0.5% of the population) who are allergic to wasps and bee’s it is the over sensitivity of their immune system that causes their body to overreact to the venom.  This can then trigger an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Rentokil have created UKWaspWatch which is a website with an interactive map showing wasp hotspots around the country.  UKWaspWatch is supporting the registered Charity The Anaphylaxis Campaign by donating 20p whenever anyone goes onto it  and logs a wasp or wasp nest sighting during the wasp season (June to September).  You can also use twitter to log it by tweeting #ukwaspwatch,  your postcode, and how serious the sighting is (scale of 1-10 – the key for this is shown on UKWaspWatch).

Thankfully, no-one in my family is known to suffer from this allergy, but it doesn’t stop the girls from squealing and screeching at us to “Get it” every time one is spotted.

So, next time you spot a wasp, or hear your little one screeching that they’ve seen one, go on-line and log it.  You will be helping to donate towards a fantastic charity.

Spot a wasp, go on and log it, it’s as simple as that!

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