National Allergy Week: 11th – 17th April 2011

The Missing Link

Hay fever sufferers are being unnecessarily put at risk of developing asthma warn Allergy UK in their latest report ‘The Missing Link‘ released to coincide with National Allergy Week.

The report highlights the fact that the United Kingdom is among the world leaders for research into allergy yet new treatments that are available are not being made available to allergy sufferers because of a lack of allergy services.

“We are the poor relations of Europe when it comes to allergy services” says Lindsey McManus Allergy UK’s Executive Director for allergy services “. There are now excellent treatments possible particularly for common allergies like hay fever, yet sufferers are not receiving them purely because of a lack of specialists able to deliver the treatments or to train GPs in allergy diagnosis and management”.

National Allergy Week 11th April 2011 will be focusing on raising awareness of the new allergy management programmes that are now available, how allergy, particularly seasonal rhinitis affects the lives of sufferers and on how those affected are impacted by the lack of allergy services.

The Missing Link report shows that with 38% of teenagers suffering from hayfever, many of them will drop at least one grade in their examinations due to their allergy[1]. This of course will have considerable impact on their opportunities in both further studies and the work place.

Allergy UK also reports a significant increase in the number of older people contacting them suffering with hay fever for the first time. “We have no real idea why this is” states Lindsey. “We can only assume that it is due to increased pollution and sensitivity but it shows how important allergen management is. Simple things like vacuuming regularly, as pollen can live in the carpet for three months, and keeping work surfaces clean with wet wiping to remove allergens all make a real difference”.

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