Food Allergy Alert – Milk. Doves Farm Organic Plain Chocolate Drops withdrawn

The Food Standards Agency issued the following food allergy alert on Wednesday 18th May 2011:

Doves Farm Foods Limited withdraws certain date codes of Doves Farm Organic Plain Chocolate Drops due to the undeclared presence of milk.

Allergen: Milk

Ref: S/2011


Doves Farm Organic Plain Chocolate Drops, 130g


One date code of the above product has been found to contain milk. Milk is not an intended ingredient and this makes the product a potential health risk for people who are allergic or intolerant to milk or milk constituents.

Product identification:

Doves Farm Organic Plain Chocolate Drops, 130g tube
Batch number; 0222
Best before End; 10/08/11

On, precautionary basis, an additional batch has been withdrawn
Batch number; 0223
Best before End; 11/08/11

Action taken by the company:

The company has removed the implicated batches from sale. Future batches of this product will be labelled with appropriate allergen advisory information. In addition, the company will be contacting the relevant allergy support organisations who will inform their at risk members of the withdrawal. The company will also be informing customers via their website .

Advice to consumers:

Customers with an allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents are advised not to eat these products.

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