Fish, Gluten (wheat), Mollusc and Soya Allergy Alert – Morrisons Cocktail Prawns

The Food Standards Agency issued the following allergy alert on Monday 14th March 2011:

Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC recalls one date code of Morrisons Cocktail Prawns due to a packaging error resulting in the presence of fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya.

Allergens: fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya

Ref: M-2011


Morrisons Cocktail Prawns, 95g


Due to a packaging error the above product actually contains Morrisons Seafood Cocktail. As a result, the presence of fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya are not declared on the ingredients list, but are declared in the ‘may contain’ statement on the product packaging. Therefore, this is a potential health risk for individuals who are allergic or sensitive to fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya.

Product identification:

Morrisons Cocktail Prawns, 95g

Action taken by the company:

The company has recalled all affected stock. Customer notices will be displayed in stores to alert consumers to the reasons for the recall and the actions they can take if they have purchased the product. A copy of the customer notice issued by Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC can be viewed via the link below. In addition, the company has contacted the relevant allergy support organisations, which will inform their at risk members of the recall.

No other Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC products are known to be affected.

Advice to consumers:

Customers with an allergy or intolerance to fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya are advised not to eat these products.

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