Allergy Free Recipes

Having a Food Allergy shouldn’t mean that can’t enjoy a wide variety of tasty meals just like anyone who doesn’t suffer from allergies.  With a bit of imagination and juggling of  ingredients you can produce some mouth watering dishes.

Let us know about your favourite  Allergy friendly recipes and we will put them into our recipe section so that they can be shared by everyone suffering from food allergies.

Hopefully the recipes on Allergy Zone will give you the inspiration to roll up your sleeves, get out the utensils and start cooking up a storm.

Light Meals & Snacks

Main Meals

Desserts & Sweets

If you have an allergy free recipe you’d like to share please contact us.

Please make sure that you always check all ingredients very carefully before following any of the recipes we have on Allergy Zone and double check that the recipe  is suitable for your particular allergy.

If you enjoy discovering and trying out new recipes, why not follow our Allergy Friendly Links to find a list of interesting Recipe Websites.